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What are 'social media files'?

So I’m all about high quality products, I want canvases on your walls and albums in your hands. But(!) I want you to be able to #seniorsunday with everyone else too! 

That’s why with every image you purchase, whether its a giant canvas or a wallet, you’ll also receive a social media digital file of that image. Yay free jpgs! 

Social Media files have been created specifically for sharing on line, meaning that they are low resolution so that they will load quickly on screens and they are sized very small so that servers can load the images without compressing them and making your face look weird. No one wants that. 

These settings also mean that these files aren’t capable of being printed. If you want printable files I absolutely offer those too, they are available a la carte and in some collections. I gotchu girl.

You can even get your digital files in a photo app when you chose any collection!

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