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Dream Team Carnival Photo Shoot

The Dream Team girls and I braved the carnival this week. We had so much fun, won some cute prizes, and got sugared up on cotton candy.

Thoughts on retouching and photoshop

Let's be honest, girls get plenty of reinforcement from the world at large about the importance of their physical appearance. The majority of this information is female models and celebrities who have been digitally altered / edited to completely impossible standards. These people already have a literal team of stylists, make up artists, hair gurus, nutritionists, trainers, etc. And even then, they are still digitally manipulated. 

The problem with excessive Photoshopping is that it creates an unrealistic and unhealthy standard of beauty. An unrealistic standard that normal girls are judged against.  Photo shop is a powerful tool, and I believe it can be used for good: to refine and enhance. To show a girls how amazing she is ... as a real person. 

My goal in using Photoshop on your portraits is to present a person as their best self. Removing a blemish or a funky hair, brightening that sparkle in your eyes. These are editing moves I'm all about. So that when you view your photos; you see yourself, your you-ness.

Image without any retouching

Image without any retouching

Fully retouched image

Fully retouched image

What I won't do: I won’t change who you are. I’ll happily remove a blemish, but not your freckles that look just like your mommas. I won’t liquify arms and tummies, (but I will pose and light you in ways to highlight your best features.) I’ll fix a windblown hair, but not that birthmark on your arm. I won’t take away from your you-ness.

Your portraits will like like *you*. In ten, twenty, fifty years you'll want to look back and see how you looked and who you were as a teen, not a glossed over manipulation. You'll see a real girl, not an overly edited idea of what someone 'should' look like. You are alive and real and are here for a real purpose, and that purpose is so much more than an un-achievable beauty standard. 

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