#5: People will think I want to copy my friend’s look
If you’re nervous about looking like you “copied” someone else’s look, don’t worry one bit - that is totally avoidable. Personally, I focus on senior portraits exclusively so that I can make each shoot unique to every one of my seniors by taking the time to get to know who they are. Even if we shoot at the same locations at the same time of day, I have the ability to create a limitless variety of looks. It’s my personal goal to infuse their images with their own style and personality. Make sure you choose a photographer that does more than just the basics to get by.  


#6: I won't look good, I'm awkward
Like, you don’t even know what to do with your hands? That’s totally ok. If you choose a custom photographer that takes the time to notice your little quirks and help make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll totally forget you even have hands. For me, I’ve studied how to pose different body types in the most flattering ways. Ask your photographer if retouching your blemishes and flyaway hairs is included because I GOT YOU and they should too (but not too much retouching, you still want to look like yourself, not a Barbie doll).


#7: My friend with a nice camera can just do it
A nice camera does not equal a good portrait. And you don’t deserve just a nice camera, you deserve an experience.  An experienced professional not only has a nice camera but has also studied lighting, posing, styling, retouching as well as translating personality to an image. Anyone can click a button, but a portrait is designed. Please don’t trust something as important as this to an amateur.

Huntington Senior Pictures 46750 Jordyn26.JPG

#8: It's expensive
If you choose a photographer who offers quality products, your investment will literally last a lifetime. This experience is to celebrate this amazing accomplishment in your life, these images and keepsakes are for future you to reminisce. Imagine being eighty years old and looking through your senior year album with your grandchildren reliving the memories of a time when CDs still existed and cars couldn’t drive themselves. 


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