Huntington Senior Photographer 46750

Tell us about each piece of your outfit, and where ya got it!

Jacket & Romper: Dry Goods
Bracelet: 2 from Charming Charlie and 1 from a Featherandkey Instagram giveaway :-)
Necklace & Earrings: JC Penny
Shoes: Macy's

What helped you in selecting this outfit?

I wanted my shoot to have an outfit that said "simple, cute & fun" and this romper and jacket combo totally fit that!

What do you love about this outfit?

I love this outfit because of the contrast between the flowers on the romper and the solid green jacket. I felt very comfortable and like myself in this outfit.

What tips or advice would you share for shopping/preparing for a senior shoot: I would definitely advise others to shop/ choose simple outfits for their senior shoots that show their personal style. Make sure you feel comfortable and yourself in your outfits!! It will make the shoot a lot easier and more fun.

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