This is Emma

"Tia is such a fun person to be around. She makes you feel so confident about your self and makes you feel so comfortable while getting your pictures taken. I’m so glad I had Tia do my senior photos, I wouldn’t have wanted anybody else to do them!!" - Emma

HNHS senior girl smiles in front of wooden pallet wall in downtown Huntington indiana with feather and key photography watermark in corner.
Two images side by side of HNHS senior girl in urban downtown Huntington locations with feather and key photography watermark in corner.
High school senior girl smiles  with small dog sitting in her lap in woods location ft wayne, with feather and key photography watermark in corner.
HNHS senior smiling and laying on a dock at lake at sunset in Huntington indiana with feather and key photography watermark in corner.
Portraits of HNHS senior with her puppy in a fall location, with leaves, for her senior pictures with feather and key photography.
High school girl laying in fall leaves for senior photos with feather and key photography.
Huntington North High School senior laughs surrounded by fall leaves for her pictures with feather and key photography.

This is Kaitlyn

“I’ve known Tia for awhile and every second we spend together is full of laughter and smiles. I knew she would capture the best moments of my shoot and allow me to really be me!!

Fall senior pictures in evergreen trees and red leaves in Huntington indiana with feather and key photography.

Tia really makes it all about you and allows you to show your creative side with your shoots. Nothing is more fun than showing your natural beauty and being encouraged to do so by your photographer :)

Huntington Senior in front of vibrant red trees for senior pictures with feather and key photographer.

My biggest fear going into my senior shoot was how comfortable I would or wouldn’t be, and my dreams came true! I felt so happy and comfortable with my poses and am in love with how my pictures turned out.

Senior girl in natural environment for senior photos with feather and key photography.

Okay I haven’t always seen myself as the prettiest girl but Tia made me feel GORGEOUS! All of my friends and family believe she really captured my true beauty and that’s all it’s about! I am so happy with how they turned out :)

Huntington North senior Kaitlyn lays in yellow leaves for her senior pictures with feather and key.

My first impression of my photos was just happiness. I’m glad I could show my true colors and personality through each picture. I felt so pretty!

Girl senior pictures in Huntington forks of the wabash with feather and key photo.

My time spent with Kaitlyn was amazing from start to finish, she was so open to ideas and put her trust in me to bring out the best in her. From finding the perfect little yellow ‘leafy bois’ to getting in the ice cold river with me she was in. This girl has such an amazing heart and and is so genuine., truly someone who is beautiful on the inside and outside. <3

Dream Team: Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day. It originated from a 2010 parks and rec episode but has become so much more! Even retailers like Target have started offering decor for the new holiday! It’s a day all about friendship, girls supporting girls, and community. Yes hello the Dream Team is ALL about that!!!

We didn’t have waffles but we did make friendship bracelets to give out to friends and family. It’s important to the team that we do random acts of kindness style projects, and this was our first one for the year. Some of the girls were doing complicated six or eight strand bracelets but I stuck with a much more simple option haha. It was a great time for the girls to chat and get to know each other more while doing something good for our friends and family.

The feather and key dream team making friendship bracelets for our galentines day random acts of kindness project

We also had an impromptu pop up valentines day photo shoot! I’m still finding confetti at the studio!

Three high school seniors throw confetti at the photographer at the studio in Huntington, IN.
Three HNHS seniors with heart props for galentines day photo shoot at feather and key studio in huntington.
Norwell and Central Noble seniors with heart props at the feather and key studio in huntington indiana
Central Noble seniors and HNHS seniors hold valentines day hearts and balloons in a galentines day themed photo shoot in the feather and key studio huntington.
Norwell and HNHS seniors pose with heart shaped props at the feather and key studio in huntington.
HNHS students throw confetti at the photographer in the feather and key studio in huntington, IN

The Secret to Real Confidence

Probably one of the most common pieces of advice people will give you is ‘just be confident,’ but for many people that’s easier said than done. What does it really mean to be confident? A common misconception about confidence is that it comes from thinking you are good at something or that you are a good person in general. The problem with this is the measurement we are using to determine that we are ‘good’.

Huntington north high school senior, Emma sitting in a natural environment for her senior pictures with feather and key photography.

Some people base their confidence on the judgments of others, needing the approval and acceptance of their peers, family, or society. By allowing our self-esteem to be reliant on the judgments of other people, we are really making ourselves the victims of the meanest, most judgmental people with no option to ‘win’. This source of confidence will never be enough, and will even have the opposite effect of fostering insecurity. How can you be confident when you’re always on trial?

HNHS senior Josie hoola hooping at the heirs park fairgrounds for a summer themed photo shoot with feather and key photography.

But here’s the secret: true confidence comes from not judging yourself at all. It’s a mental state of unbothered, of non-worry, of accepting yourself as you are, rather than in comparison to others or to an ideal standard. You can only be truly confident if you change the habit of judging yourself, it won’t come from asking yourself if you are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at something - it comes from not even asking the question. A lack of confidence is really the flip side of judging people. If we spend our time comparing ourselves to others and judging who’s ‘better’ it’s not surprising that they would feel insecure.

Rather than trying to artificially boost confidence by judging others or participating in competition, just opt out. You can start by offering yourself (and others) more empathy and less judgment. *

HNHS senior, Saige laying in a milk bath with floral elements for a portrait with Feather &amp; Key.

This is exactly what Feather & Key photography is all about. This is a judgment-free zone! I’ve built this business on the concept of encouraging and empowering girls since 2010. That’s 100% what I do. A photo shoot can leave you feeling self conscious or it can be a huge boost to your self image and the way you feel in your skin. I work with each senior’s natural body language and guide and coach them into poses that flatter their body shape and personality. I want to bring the best you forward so that you can see yourself the way I see you: amazing, strong, funny, bold, soft, caring… those things that make you YOU.

Huntington North Senior Elizabeth Allred, in downtown huntington for her senior photos with feather &amp; key photo.

*Excerpt from an article I wrote for NE Indiana Teen Magazine: Issue 02 Spring 2018.

Introducing (most of) the 2019 Dream Team!

Introducing (most of) the 2019 Dream Team!

A week or so ago eleven girls poured into my studio in Huntington. A couple dream team alumni but mostly new faces from HNHS, and even two new schools: Norwell high school and Central Noble high school. Many of the girls didn’t know each other yet but I was so impressed with how kind and open they all were to each other.

Before the welcome party the girls and I were joking about a meme I saw where everyone had a presentation on a topic they loved; that turned into us doing ‘about me’ powerpoints at the party. It was surprisingly so fun and a great way for us all to introduce ourselves (and show off our pets haha).

We talked about our plans and ideas for the year and the girls voted on photo shoot themes and service projects and for our destination photo shoot location! This is the first year the dream team is doing a destination photo shoot and I am so looking forward to it! I love offering this experience to the girls, I don’t think it’s something that anyone else is doing in our area!

We finished the welcome party with Favorite Things photos and head shots of each of the girls, and of course a group photo! I’m beyond excited for this year’s Dream Team, I can’t wait for all the amazing events we have planned for the year and to grow closer as a team!

I intended to limit the team to ten girls this year because, honestly, my studio is hella tiny. But so many amazing girls applied that I had twelve that I just couldn’t turn away. One of the girls couldn’t make it to the welcome party because she wanted to spend her birthday with her family … which I guess is fair ;) It makes for a tight fit at some of our events but I can’t imagine the team without a single one of these girls. Each one brings a unique perspective and personality to the mix and as a whole makes the team so perfect.

High school girls from HNHS, Norwell, Central Noble stand in front of the Feather and Key Studio in Huntington.
Cupcakes, fruit cups and welcome gifts at the Dream Team welcome party in Huntington IN
The dream team voting on our themed photo shoots and acts of kindness projects at the feather and key studio in Huntington.
The 2019 Dream Team opening welcome gifts at the feather &amp; key studio in Huntington
Addi || Eryn

Addi || Eryn

Macy || Kadi

Macy || Kadi

Alayna || Kelsie

Alayna || Kelsie

Mikayla || Maddi

Mikayla || Maddi

Morgan || Shae

Morgan || Shae



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