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In Person Ordering

Families love that I help them chose the best images for their unique preferences. I love that we are able to take something that could be a stressful task and instead turn it into a memorable and fun event. Creating artwork that will literally be passed down to future generations, rather than a cd lost in a junk drawer.

A week or so after your photo shoot you’ll come back to the studio; we’ll begin by watching your custom slideshow and choosing favorite images from your proofs. You’ll be able to touch, hold, and fall in love with all of the product options for displaying your artwork. Together we’ll design unique products like collages, image boxes, and custom albums.  

I’m with you at every step so, answering questions and making suggestions, but the choices are completely yours.
You’ll feel confident knowing you made the right decisions. 

You deserve better than a DIY disk of files.

I offer only the very best products handcrafted from the top professional labs in the country; the quality and craftsmanship are unparalleled. You can feel confident knowing that your artwork will last for generations. This is a huge milestone in your life, don’t settle on this.

Purchasing portrait art is unique for each family, and collections are designed to be flexible. A la carte print bundles begin at $240 and collections begin at at $485 F&K families understand the value of custom portraits and normally choose to spend an average of $800
Collections are bursting with product options and are designed to fit perfectly with your family’s needs. There is truly something for everyone. Together, we’ll choose the perfect pieces to celebrate this achievement.

Hand Delivered Products

Once your artwork is created, I'll package it up beautifully and hand deliver it to you at your home or at a convenient meeting spot. 

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